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A Cornwall based [[cirkus|]] that once upon a long time ago had a much celebrated show in Tonsai
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''Main menu''\n[[news]]\n[[photography]]\n[[the holy binder]]\n[[climbing videos]]\n[[other things]]\nbeautiful [[words]]\n[[music]]\n[[fire]]\n\n[img[./pictures/SmallSpider75x75.gif]]\n\n[[contact]]
The Opera web browser smothly "zooms" web pages for you to any size - just press CTRL + mouse wheel. It's ideal for browsing the photoalbum, or any other site too for that matter.\nIt is free, lean and super mean - grab a copy at\n
and in comes the two to the three and one
For comfortable photo album browsing - first press the F11 key (yes, try it right now!) to get a fullscreen browser, and then, while in the album, user LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to flip through the photos. Press the "s" key to start start/stop automatic slideshow.
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These are all from Tonsai and the files vary in size between 20 and 80 Mb. They are encoded with [[mencoder|]] in divx format, so in order to play them you might need to install a codec\n\n[[Tantrum.avi|Tantrum.avi]] 82Mb\n[[ArtAndSport.avi|ArtAndSport.avi]] 68Mb\n[[AsiasShadowplay.avi|AsiasShadowplay.avi]] 29Mb\n[[OldChicken.avi|OldChicken.avi]] 24Mb\n[[SexPowerTonsai.avi|SexPowerTonsai.avi]] 24Mb
As of August 2006 my address is\n\nOla Bråhammar\nc/o Bartos\nGrönnegata 8 lei 513\n0350 Oslo\nNorway\n\nphone: +47 936 27 774 (Norway)\nphone: +46 [0]76 289 17 22 (Sweden)\n\nemail: ola(a)\nskype: brahammar\nmsn: (spam trap)\n \n
[img[FiretwirlSmall.jpg]]\n\nSo, here is a little firetwirling video. It's a one-evening-project i did with my sister. Location is Rolambshovsparken in Stockholm. It contains some single and double staff twirling. The staffs are 1.44m stainless steel.\n\nRight click the links below and select "Save as..."\n\n* [[FireHQ.wmv|FireHQ.wmv]] - 30Mb High quality fullsize wmv version\n* [[FireLQ.avi|FireLQ.avi]] - 11Mb Medium quality divx\n\n[img[FiretwirlSmall2.jpg]]\n
Fed up with your music collection? If you have not tried any of them "similar artist radio" entities yet then i can recomend you do. It is a good way to find new music in your taste. Probably one out of every five suggested songs/artists actually make it all the way to my heart.\n\nSpy on what mysic i listen to [[here|]]\n\nMy brother, Håkan, creates outstanding music - take a look at his website [[|]]
Gathered a quick best-of collection from this years [[Tonsai sesh|./photos/2009/tonsai/index.html]] - enjoy!\n\n...and 1st of April we're heading down to Fontainbleau, France.\n\nCheck out my new radio station, this LastFmThing which plays the music i like to hear.\n\nAnother small update to the photo album, this time with shots from Oslo, Norway. You find it [[here|]]\n\nAnd has finally gotten a face-lift, and a major one this time. i migrated most of the old site to this pretty wiki shape using [[TiddlyWiki|]]. it's an awesome piece of javascript, best described as 'a selfcontained wiki' \n\nAnyhow, the old page, for the internet archeologist, can be found [[here|./main_old.html]].
Bouldering in Tonsai - in 2001 me and Jamie went on a bouldering spree and here is the resulting [[topo|./pictures/WebsizeBoulderingGuideTonsai.jpg]] Since then, a rather amazing cave has been discovered. In there, a whole bunch of nice problems ranging from very easy to imposible are waiting.\n\nA four-in-one [[photo composite|./diversity.htm]] called diversity. The idea was to maximize conceptual contrast.\n\nRecipy for divine [[pasta]]
Pasta for the Gods.\n\nSo, quick-rumble some shreaded onion in the big Wok, then just pick a few of the ingredients from the list and throw in as well. Stirr for a minute and set the heat to full throttle. Pour some cream over it and and indulge in the sound you should now experience. Voila! Ohh, the french stuff is just to make it sound more apetizing. \n\nIngredients\n\nTomates fraiches\nGruyere \nRödklöver fromage (fromage Suedois) \nChampignons \nBasilic \nMozarella \nPesto \nHuile d'Olive\nBeurre \nUne paire de ciseaux bien aiguises \nTapenade \nPoivre noir \nSel \nPoireau \nCreme \nCrème Fraiche \nJalapeno mix \nPoele a frire (pas en teflon)\nVin rouge\nVin blanc \nOeuf \nBouillon \nDe la musique et bien sur des pates
Incomplete index of the various photos sections at SmartHints.\n\n* [[Norway, Molde 2009|./photos/2009/winter/index.html]] - Winter and snow\n* [[Tonsai 2009|./photos/2009/tonsai/index.html]] - Jungle and limestone\n* [[France and Spain 2008|./photos/2008/southeurope/index.html]] - Gorge du Verdon, Rodellar, Siurana, Arbioli...\n* [[Scandinavian Summer 2008|./photos/2008/summer/index.html]] - Mmm \n* [[Tonsai|./photos/2008/tonsai/index.html]] - Always and forever... \n* [[Malaysia|./photos/2008/malaysia/index.html]] - Around and about in Malaysia \n* [[India|./photos/2008/india/index.html]] - Color, spice and zillions of people\n* [[Calcutta|./photos/2008/calcutta/index.html]] - Home town of mother Theresa but not all that inocent a city\n* [[Hampi|./hampi/index.html]] - world heritage site and world class bouldering site \n\n2006-2007\n* [[The world 2006|./PhotoAlbumNormalSize/index.html]] - many, many, many photos.\n\nEons ago...\n* The [[Gratefull Wall Experience (2005)|./GratefullWall/index.html]]\n* Have a taste of [[Swedish Summer (2005)|./SwedishSummer/index.html]]\n* Rehersal day with the [[Tonsai Circus (2004)|/circus/rehersal/index.html]]\n* And of course, [[Grand Opening (2004)|/circus/showday/index.html]]\n\nand some thematized photolections old and out of date...\n* [[Glastonbury 2003|Glastonbury.htm]] with [[Incandescence]]\n* [[Europe (2001?)|./europe.html]]\n* [[Tonsai Heroes (2000?)|./TonsaiHeros.html]]\n* [[Thailand, Greece and California 2000|./thailand.html]]\n
As mentioned before over at [[|]] the once- and for long lost binder has ben found. \n\n [img[binder_sample.jpg][The Holy Binder]]\n\nI have scanned a few pages for your reading pleasures. Take a look [[here|./eaweb/index.html]]\nRumour has it that PD had fired up his creative genius and is now working on something that has to do with the binder. I am rather curious myself...
Shake dreams from your hair\nMy pretty child, my sweet one. \nChoose the day and choose the sign of your day\nThe day's divinity\nFirst thing you see.\n\nA vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon\nCouples naked race down by it's quiet side\nAnd we laugh like soft, mad children\nSmug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy\nThe music and voices are all around us.\n\nChoose they croon the Ancient Ones\nThe time has come again\nChoose now, they croon\nBeneath the moon\nBeside an ancient lake\nEnter again the sweet forest,\nEnter the hot dream,\nCome with us.\n\nEverything is broken up and dances.\n\n[Jim Morrison]\n\n[img[SecretPlace.jpg]]